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    Your Island Supply is a performance-driven Australian lifestyle brand committed to creating innovative performance wear with exclusive designs that are sophisticated, fun and timeless. 

    The label started by husband & wife duo, Duncan & Dhanya, who together with their 3 young children live and breath an active lifestyle in sub-tropical Queensland & the Northern Beaches of Sydney. The duo work as a formidable team, with Dhanya as CEH, overseeing the day­ to­ day management, customer service and PR. While Duncan as Creative Director/ Designer, focuses on design, marketing, strategic direction and operations.


    Dhanya an ex-lawyer and Duncan, a 20 year plus veteran of the fitness industry, decided it was time to inject a bit of colour into womens activewear wardrobes after seeing only a sea of black at F45 Training Studios, Fitness Facilities and most yoga studios they went to.  After months of testing and trialing different fabrics through many activities and climates, they developed the perfect performance blend. A fabric blend that can effortlessly see you through any high intensity activity with ease. Not only are they incredibly soft, have compression in different strengths, their exclusive prints are all designed by the duo with a focus on making women of all shapes and sizes feel confident, happy and energetic.


    We differentiate ourselves through sophisticated designs, product performance and high quality fabric. Each piece has to support a womens multi-tasking lifestyle and their whole day, not just one workout. 

    We ensure our performance tights are suitable for women of all fitness levels and benefit not only the serious fitness enthusiast or athlete, but also women just starting out in the goal improving their fitness. 


    To create a community of active confident women through a product that energises the wearer to exercise with the reassurance of a garment that will assist their performance.