Here’s why you shouldn’t be afraid to rock bright activewear

January 17, 2018

Walk into most gyms and studios in 2018 and you’ll witness a sea of women in grey and black workout gear. And, of course, there’s nothing wrong with that! Those dark, muted shades can be super flattering and are perfect for hiding those toddler tantrum-induced food stains! But here at Your Island Supply, we believe you were born to stand out, not blend in. And if you ask us, there’s no better way to do that than with vibrant activewear that makes you feel good! Read on for 5 more reasons you should consider adding more colour to your activewear wardrobe.


1. It’s scientifically proven to boost your mood

Science has spoken, ladies! Research shows that colour can directly affect your mood. Looking at bright colours have been proven to release the feel-good hormone, dopamine, making you happier and more focused. Meanwhile, cool shades like blue have been found to increase the calming hormone, oxytocin. So, when you’re feeling down or stressed, your colourful activewear can help put you in a better mind space.


2. It motivates you

While we’re on the topic of science, research shows that bright colours can actually kickstart your motivation. Red, in particular, has been shown to create a fight or flight response in your body and get your adrenaline flowing. So, if you’re feeling unmotivated, putting on some vibrant activewear may be the push you need to get you out the door.


3. It freshens up your look

Chances are, when you work out, it’s without makeup and with your hair pulled back in a no-nonsense ponytail. After all, you’re there to sweat, not to compete in a beauty pageant! Plus, wearing makeup when you work out can lead to one of two outcomes: 1) Your mascara ends up halfway down your face, giving you that clown look or 2) it clogs your pores, leading to breakouts. That said, going barefaced can leave you looking a little washed out when combined with an all-black outfit. By adding a pop of colour, you’ll instantly look fresher and more youthful.

 4. It’s more fun!

While it may not always feel like it, working out is meant to be fun! Just as it’s important to do a type of exercise you actually enjoy, you should opt for activewear that makes you feel cute and brightens up your day! And let’s be honest, rocking bright, bold patterns is always going to be a lot more fun than wearing head-to-toe black.

5. It improves your body confidence

“But I hate my thighs/bum/calves!” you may protest. “Why on earth would I want to draw attention to them by wearing bright tights?” That’s exactly the point! While it may feel a little awkward at first, you’ll become more and more comfortable about highlighting those parts of your body you don’t love. Soon enough, you’ll start to embrace those parts and maybe even love them! Plus, our tights are so flattering, we guarantee you’ll find yourself checking out your bum in every reflective surface you pass!


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